20 марта 2017 г.



01.jpg Meroujan MINASSIAN, Erevan

МАК. How did you come to the profession of Architecture?

Meroujan MINASSIAN. The both co-founders of the Storaket Architectural Studio, Narbeh Berossian and Meroujan Minassian were studying architecture in NUACA. During their master's degree years they participate to two international Architectural Competitions, first competition was organized by Salon interior journal (Moscow- Russia) and they got the third prize of the competition the other competition was organized at Toulouse- France and here also they took the third prize.

The results of these competitions were a huge encouragement for young students to establish their own studio.

The first steps of Storkaet Architectural Studio is going back to 2006. At 2007 "Storaket" Architectural studio starts its official activity in Armenia.

02.JPG During these years company has done different innovative architectural projects such as houses in different regions of Armenia and Moscow, various types of schools in Yerevan and 8 other regions of Armenia, interior design of unique apartments, multifunction building in Yerevan, bank branches and office areas.

Today company is very competitive with all national and some international architectural companies with its unique approaches for various functional spaces, environment and by giving very important value to the impact of the spaces on user's life style.

МАК. What Kind of customers do you prefer?

Meroujan MINASSIAN. The answer of this question is not an easy one. We learn a lot from our Clients and their behaviors.

It is always very helpful when your Clients knows their prior preferences regarding functional aspect of the area.
Sometimes it is hard to Collaborate with those type of people who has their own designing approaches and they believe whatever they think is somehow better than what architects suggest. In these kind of situation we are spending more time with Clients to explain them the forces and weaknesses of each approach.

It is very joyful moment when your Client come back to you after first project, with a new project. First it means they enjoyed collaborating with our team, secondly it means they are familiar with working procedure which help us to do time wise savings.

Till now we are lucky enough to have such kind of Clients with whom we are collaborating for more than 8 years and they are still in the list of our loyal Clients and it is always big pleasure to start new projects with them.

МАК. How would you define you credo?
Meroujan MINASSIAN. Live different!

МАК. What project was the most difficult? Why?

Meroujan MINASSIAN. It feels so good to have and to start a new project with it's own challenges or advantages.

Each project starting from the location it would be build is very important and requires detail initial research.

The difficulty of a project could be in the direct relation with having expertise in that field or not. For example in the last 9 years Storaket has a specialized in the field of educational spaces, and today we are highly familiar with detail standards and specifications of educational spaces such as schools, universities and Fab Labs.

06.JPGIf we have not expertize in a specific field it gives very refreshing breeze to the team. It means we all should do lots of researches, brainstormings which creates very active mood in the office and in result of those process we all develop our knowledge in a specific domain and it keeps the team brightly in hardworking mood.

МАК. Do you participate in competitions? 

Meroujan MINASSIAN. The studio is very actively participating in national and international competitions and architectural activities. It is very important to do it because;

1- It creates a great team working process
2-It creates new challenges to overcome
3-Generates new ideas
4-Keep the office creative environment very active

It is really cheerful to win first prizes of the competition. Being the winner of a competition it impose to be better always to work hard for better ideas and solutions.

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